Apr 17, 2012

WSFA Field Trip

We had a great time at WSFA on our field trip, April 13, 2012.  The kids received some tips on how they forecast the weather and they let them take turns getting in front of the green screen and camera and click through all the screens!

Nov 30, 2011

The Art of Drawing and Doodling

During the Art of Drawing and Doodling fall workshop the kids were introduced to shading and perspective, creative doodling, and drawing from life and instruction books. We also had fun exploring the art of the stickman!

Oct 22, 2011

DreamFields Farm Pumpkin Patch Trip

So, let’s see. Inflatables, a corn maze, pig races, baby goats to pet, and a rootin’-tootin’ cow barrel ride….what’s not to love at DreamFields Farm? The PEAK kids and parents alike had a fabulous day out and to top it off we enjoyed a hayride out to the pumpkin patch where each child chose their very own pumpkin. Good times!!

Sep 30, 2011

The Art of Public Speaking

In the “Art of Public Speaking” fall workshop we utilized a unique approach to the fundamentals of verbal communication. Among other things, the children learned to “take the stage, take the audience and speak with confidence” through simple and engaging techniques designed to improve their natural speaking abilities. We concluded the four-week series with a presentation for parents and friends.


Bangladesh Workshop

We had a great time learning about the people and culture of Bangladesh, and finished the session off by learning how to cook chicken curry. It was a fabulous way to talk about how people live, learn, and work in Bangladesh and sharing an authentic lunch together rounded off the morning nicely.

Sep 10, 2011

Chess Club

As quite a few of our children have been learning chess of late, we decided to form a little ‘club’ to let them put all their strategy into practice. Every other week we meet to huddle over the chess board and see who will be victorious. Although the ‘club’ is currently on a winter hiatus, we hope to get back to it come the Spring.

Aug 30, 2011

Somalia fundraiser

Having seen the recent news about the famine in Somalia, we decided to hold a yard sale to raise money to donate to the Red Cross. The kids worked together to write donation request letters to give out to local businesses, and we discussed ways to raise additional money at the yard sale by selling cookies and bottled water. A total of $70 was raised on the day of the sale.  

Aug 18, 2011


This month for 4-H we learned about germs! We learned how they are absolutely everywhere, what harm they can do, and most importantly, some good hand washing skills and ways to prevent them from spreading. The germy cow that we passed around to “share” was a big help as well!

Mar 25, 2010

Poetry reading in the park

March’s book club meeting was met with gorgeous weather so we decided to hit the fresh air and take the kids to the park for it.  We heard poetry from William Blake, Shel Silverstein, and more.  We even heard original works from a couple of the kids.  For April we are discussing whatever the kids wish to read.

Feb 28, 2010

Biography Time

Our February meeting was a success.  The children discussed the biographies they had chosen.  This was a wonderful way for everyone to learn about the people that interest their friends.

*Disclaimer, the photo does not represent the books actually read.  I had forgotten my camera.*


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